Data Center

A data center is constructed to give websites a secure server page. A data Centre acts like a base which is needed to be strong to support the server.

iValue’s Data Centre solutions are created to meet our client’s needs and further contribute to their business outcomes. We have a vast infrastructure, thus enhancing data security and enabling data anonymity for customers operating in regulated industries.

iValue’s Data Centre :
  • We customize our Data Centre services to help your company grow without any boundaries.
  • At iValue, the data centers have been created with state of the art infrastructure to enhance performance and curb any sort of risk.
  • Our service management department is at your beck and call 24/7. We ensure smooth running at all times

We help you understand and advice you on how many data centers you’ll need/will be required, their possible locations, size, and what kind they should be. Based on strategy, we then develop an abstract design, its potential growth model, sourcing options, and cost pattern. iValue will be at your beck and call, as your advisor from the start to the end.


We give you a detailed design that is tailored to fit your specific technology and Data Centre objectives. Our team will give you everything from the précis of the physical Data Centre design to its graphic chart, and other tools needed. This allows you to determine the availability, reliability, and the total Data Centre costs.


iValue will manage the entire process from its inception, to in-cooperating all elements to its final establishment. The final innovation will be overlooked by our professional and skilled project team. They will make sure every element of the plan is amalgamated and included in the final product.

Data Centers Provide



All our data centres are equipped with full UPS power, back-up systems and industry leading uptime records, ensuring next to no chances of system failures



All our data centres are equipped with industry leading encryption, security equipment and firewall that regularly monitor and record access of the facility to provide real-time security protection



We offer 24-hour round-the-clock access to qualified technical support so that you are promised extensive storage space and operations centres across the globe