Enterprise Computing

It is that Business related information technology which is crucial to a company's operations. Enterprise computing covers all the various types of enterprise software, including database management, relationship management etc.

In today’s rapidly growing tech-driven world, exceptional services are a must-to up your business game and also to maintain risk management systems. With built-in management and automatic monitoring and alerts, your network is always up-to-date and working seamlessly.


We are firm believers of the fact that prevention goes hand in hand with protection. At iValue, your valuable data is encrypted and stored at a secure data center, which provides you with total recovery when needed. Without your password and pass phrase, no one can read or use your confidential data. Not even us.

We offer you the best in store hardware and software for your business depending on your budget and business model. We design customized systems suited specifically to your company’s needs, so you can stay focused on reaching your business goals and avoid getting distracted with IT decisions or concerns.

Products :

We acquire a brief understanding of your future needs of computing and it storage and then design a storage and back up plan for the same. At iValue you will find solutions and answers to networking concerns as well. To give our clients the best in technology, we have partnered with HP, DELL and IBM among others.

Enterprise Support :
  • The Enterprise Support plan at iValue offers resources for customers running heavy workloads and businesses.
  • We help you focus on practical management to increase efficiency and accessibility
  • We design, build and operate workloads following the AWS best practices
SFS Services :

The SFS team at iValue has a great knowledge and experience in enterprise software development, its integration, and its delivery. Our clientele can see this proficiency through our concise, yet flexible approach to providing solutions for our customer. With a leading background in enterprise software services, we understand the technical, official, and cost limitations which come along with these kinds of services.

AMC Services (Annual Maintenance Contract) :

In today’s competitive day, quality is crucial. To get the best in quality products, it is in turn important that the machines performance is of high quality, which means that the maintenance of these machines holds outmost importance. Maintenance of machines with Computerized Numerical Controls requires tact and regular checks; iValue supports your organization with a team to look into all you machinery, keeping it up-to-date and in check.