Leasing Finance

Leasing can be a financial boon for your company if you are unable to shell out huge amounts of capital generally associated with purchasing state of art hardware. Leasing hardware on the other hand ensures that you get quality hardware at fragmented payments and provide a flexible management structure to your company. Leasing or financing equipment ensures that you diversify your monetary resources and utilise them in a way that further increases your corporate success rates.

At iValue, our financial services are created to fit your businesses and their budgets. Our financial service team works with business or organization to match the technological needs with that of payment structures.


Life cycles of technologies vary from company to company and iValue understands this and hence works around your technological needs and its payment structure to give you the best of both. Our flexible leasing structure works by ensuring that you are provided with the least leasing rates, and a customised payment plan that suits you rather than us. Some of the salient leasing features we provide include: -

  • Low leasing rates
  • Hardware installation and maintenance
  • Equipment overhaul every two years
  • Regular checking and hardware upgrades