Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions come into play with regard to Enterprise mobility, which is the growing shift in work habits, wherein, employees work out of office on mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.

Modern business users now prefer to interact with customers, employees, and other businesses in real time, anytime, and from any location. This trend of mobility in business etiquette is growing rapidly and is being accepted by employers and employees alike.

1. Mobile Device Management :

For you to make the most of your mobile devices, we make sure to manage completely the entire lifecycle of the device. We make this a free-flowing process and try to keep IT involvement to the least.

  • iValue makes sure that adding new devices and apps will not be much of a task.
  • Bulk services facility: we work with devices that have their provisioning programs in bulk, like the Knox Mobile Enrollment, DEP and Android zero-touch enrollment.
  • We program on-demand installation of internal, public or bulk-purchased apps for devices or company apps.
  • We believe in keeping things simple and hence make provisions for users to use their devices y simply entering their credentials.
  • iValue knows the importance of smooth flowing work and hence make sure to get all sorts of connections, big or small right. Be it the enterprise email, VPN, Wi-Fi, content, intranet sites or other backend sources.
2. Mobile Application Management :

Giving your users the right app reflects on your business. We understand this and work towards helping you in every way possible. We manage your mobile applications making sure it reaches its audience, while giving you the needed access through a completely tailored app catalogue for your enterprise.

iValue develops a company-specific, personalized app catalog specific to the user based on Active Directory organization groups or/and smart groups We make sure to allow our clientele with a secure access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps on any android or apple smartphone, tablet or laptop through the catalog developed for your business

3. Mobile Content Management :
  • Data is crucial to any and every organization. Keeping it safe, secured and accessible is important. At iValue, we manage all your content and data for you.
  • We store it and develop a backup for the same, keeping in mind ease of access for the times you need it.
  • We try to maintain a streamlined approach for your employees to access all corporate content across multiple content sources and devices.
  • We try to create a single access-point to your content; this can be logged on to across google drive, drop box, one drive etc.
  • Our services allow file sharing to keep the team in sync.
More Details
Services :
  • At iValue, we realize the importance of and how mobility solutions can actually be a fruitful part of businesses, and hence provide services for the same.
  • Develop intuitive digital experience to aid businesses
  • work on the accuracy of data leading to business intelligence in real time
  • Integrate mobility solutions easily into work environment
  • We modernize enterprises by combining mobile and cloud technologies.
Training :

A recent study has proven that enterprises usually struggle with mobile governance and its management. Here, comes in iValue to aid you of all your concerns of this regard. Since enterprises shape their people into silos to improve efficiency, it becomes difficult for organizations to solve mobility issues because

Enterprise partner program :

Partner with iValue to help resolve critical mobility and security worries for customers. At iValue we take charge of driving your digital innovation while keeping you secure. The enterprise partner program allows you to curb security issues in todays world where technological issues are on the rise. This program provides customers with all-rounded solutions and also gives you new opportunities.