Backup Solutions

Backup as a Service

Every organization no matter what size of operations it runs, has sensitive and important data which needs to be securely backed up. For those reasons we are providing Backup as A Service. It is an approach to securely backing up the data, rather than performing a backup with centralized, on-premises IT infrastructure, by using BaaS the backup is done by us over a public, private or a hybrid cloud which is managed by a third-party provider.

The process BaaS is a time-intensive task it requires careful planning and data evaluation, iValue does all that for you. From backing up the data to recovering it we make sure everything is working without any complications.

Backup in Cloud

Backup in cloud is very useful for businesses with small amount of data, it is a relatively easy backup strategy it involves sending a copy of the data over a public network to a third-party cloud service. The best part about backing up to a cloud is that exact amount of cloud storage can be bought with annual subscriptions and can be expanded as your IT infrastructure grows.

iValue can provide extensive backup solutions from AWS, Azure and other cloud service providers, we help configure services by creating backup policies that automate backup schedules which simplifies backup management.

Network Backup

Network backup is a very important aspect of the backup and recovery process in any IT infrastructure. Configuring an entire network is a time-intensive task it requires careful planning and backing up the network configuration can be very useful in case of any disaster which damages the server.

iValue has expertise in multiple cloud computing service providers like AWS & Azure, we suggest plans exactly as per your needs so you can have enough storage for backups.