Mobile First

Digital Transformation

With the world getting obsessed by social media and apps to make their lives easy, people want valuable solutions to all their problem, the experience which your customer gets is in the roots of digital transformation. Integration of digital technology has become a necessity for businesses, with the immense spread of technology in the last decade every company has to keep up with the current trends. Digital transformation is the process of combining digital technology into all the areas of your business. Majorly the process makes changes in how you operate and deliver services to your customers.

Apps are Life

Everything in today’s world happens on the apps, from waking up in the morning, to ordering lunch and even getting your groceries over the phone, apps have become a part of our life. As apps are life now, integrating them with your business can be a very good change in the way your employees work. Smart Phones are now more powerful than ever and can handle extensive tasks easily, employees can use different types of apps by which they can do more work in less time.

Mobility Management

Mobility management solutions help organizations to configure important corporate policies, protect devices from any harmful malware, restrict unauthorized devices and automate OS and security updates of the devices which your employees use. Mobility management has become a very important factor for businesses who are trying to digitalize their operations. It contains Mobile device management and Mobile app management. Keeping in check all the devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops is very important for a business with a large number of employees who work from remote locations or who are always traveling.

iValue provides mobility management solutions from VMware, Zendesk, and MaaS360 with solutions customized as per your exact needs, managing devices has never been easier.