DC Infrastructure

Aisle Containment

An extensive amount of energy is used to cool down IT equipment in Data Centers. In the near past, the biggest impact on the cooling of IT equipment’s was made by the introduction of aisle containment. Thanks to aisle containment companies have saved millions of dollars in energy savings alone and have also noticeably reduced their carbon footprint.

iValue have advanced facilities and qualified engineers who have extensive experience in networking hardware and can deliver outstanding services to your organization. We design the cooling structure according to your infrastructure. Keeping in mind factors like equipment loads, number of devices, room temperature, efficiency and capacity of air handlers. We optimize Aisle Containment so all your hardware can work on their peak performance while simultaneously saving energy.

In-Rack Cooling

Servers placed within closed rack cabinets have to be cooled down using In-Rack Cooling System. In-Rack coolers are designed in a way that warm and cold air does not get mixed and affects the performance of devices. Mixing of cold and warm air is the biggest reason which causes loss in almost every server room.

We suggest In-Rack Cooling for small data centers and in high-density areas inside large data centers. In-Rack Cooling results in a better level of free cooling, which is cost-effective as well. iValue has been experts in providing solutions based on data centers and have more than 10 years of extensive experience. We provide In-Rack cooling solutions from all the major brands like HPE & Schneider.