Networking & WiFi

Campus Networking

Educational institutes are finding new ways to make the learning process more intuitive and fun. Mixing technology with the process of teaching can make the students take more interest in the subjects. Networking is the foundation on which tools to make education more interesting can be set upon. iValue has extensive experience working with universities and colleges in the past.

iValue has highly qualified technicians who have expertise in planning the entire network so it delivers the highest performance available and deploying the network seamlessly.

Campus WiFi

The ability to access the internet from anywhere in the campus gives students the ability to study where they want and enhance their skills over the internet. As PCs are hard to carry around everywhere, having fast wireless connectivity all over the campus allows students to access information over the laptop or tablets.

Network engineers at iValue design the Wi-Fi layout before deployment and make sure that every area of the campus gets fast and strong wireless connectivity, especially the high-density areas like canteen and hostel. So every user gets fast internet connection no matter where they are in the campus.