M1: Just a Beginning to a Powerful Future

The focus of today’s event will be on Apple Silicon and how the Mac lineup will transition away from Intel processors. The first two Macs with Apple Silicon inside are expected to be a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a new 13-inch MacBook Air.

Apple had its third event in just last two months on 10th November, and Apple made one of the biggest announcement ever. After conquering the phone market in terms of performance with the A13 & the A14 chip, Apple is now putting its expertise in Mac devices. Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s M1 chip.

What is M1?

M1 is Apple’s silicon product built for the Mac, M1 is the chip that will power all future Mac devices. M1 chip contains essential components like the processing cores, graphics cores, the neural engine, security enclave, and even the system memory are all part of one bigger slab of silicon.

The M1 is Apple’s first custom silicon system on a chip for use in its Mac computer lineup. Since 2006, all Macs have shipped with Intel chips. The first devices to get M1 are the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″ & the Mac mini. Apple claims that M1 is way more efficient and performs better that the the intel chips found earlier on these devices.

Is it Better than Intel Processors?

In a word, yes. Apple claims that M1 is 3.9 times faster when it comes to video processing and up to 7.1 times faster at image processing. Efficiency is also kept in mind, M1 deliver massive CPU performance while using a fraction of the power. The 8‑core CPU in M1 is by far the highest‑performance CPU Apple has ever built & it is designed to crush tasks using the least amount of power.

When it comes to raw processing power, Apple claims that the M1 is up to 3.5 times better performing than the nearest competition. The M1 works in a miraculous way, it has 8-Cores containing 4 High-Performance Cores and 4 High-Efficiency cores. Using this technology Apple is able to squeeze out all the performance when needed, and also have a longer battery life.

Has Performance Reduced Battery?

Not at all, the M1 is extremely efficient, and even with the increased performance, battery life has not taken a hit. Apple claims that the MacBook Air comes with up to 17 hrs of web browsing and MacBook Air is good for 15 hours for web browsing before you start looking for a charger.

The optimised OS features advanced power management, the OS intelligently allocates tasks between the M1’s performance & efficiency cores. OS automatically optimises lightweight tasks like reading a note to efficiency cores and performance‑intensive tasks like playing the latest game to the performance cores. The result is the best battery life ever on a Mac.

Price for all this Performance?

Surprisingly Apple has kept the price of new devices same as earlier. The MacBook Air starts at ₹92,900, MacBook Pro also retains the same price with starting price of ₹1,22,900. The entry level Mac the Mac mini will start at ₹64,900.

Availability? Devices with M1 chip are now available to order, get blazing fast performance with the M1. To get your hands on one of these high-performance devices contact iValue Systech.